The Steward Clog is the ultimate Multi-Directional Leverage Reduction Shoe. In cooperation with the original designer of the wooden shoe, Dr. Mike Steward, EDSS has used this concept to develop a highly adjustable, user-friendly composite version. The Clog is most widely used for treating chronic laminitis and founder cases because it offers excellent stability & protection to the distal phalanx, while at the same time reduces the leverage forces on the affected laminae so the horse can stay comfortably mobile. This Composite (Brown) version is the original material that wears more easily, is very versatile and is easy to modify. The Clog can be attached to the foot using a variety of methods. (eg. nailing, screwing and/or gluing.) Standard Sizes in widths: 4.5", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0"

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