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In this section you will find a variety of useful educational resources and a selection of new products available on the market.

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The Natural Angle
The Natural Angle is published to provide the professional farrier with new and useful information about the industry.

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Volume 18 :Issue 3
Volume 18 :Issue 2
Volume 18: Issue 1
Volume 17: Issue 4
Volume 17: Issue 3
Volume 17: Issue 2
Volume 17: Issue 1
Volume 16: Issue 4
Volume 16: Issue 3
Volume 16: Issue 2
Volume 16: Issue 1
Volume 15: Issue 4
Volume 15: Issue 3
Volume 15: Issue 2
Volume 15: Issue 1
Volume 14: Issue 4
Volume 14: Issue 3
Volume 14: Issue 2
Volume 14: Issue 1
Volume 13: Issue 4
Volume 13: Issue 3
Volume 13: Issue 2

We invite you to consult the Website HoofAcademy where you will found useful educational resources for the farriers. Visit the Website

Educational Videos

View more educational videos for farriers:

Traction Devices for Horseshoes

The importance of good farriery
for horse owners

Steel Comfort Front Shoe Application
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